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In an effort to promote responsible printing and to help recover some printing costs, the SJPP has implemented a print management solution named PaperCut. PaperCut is a comprehensive solution designed to assist students and faculty members in making the most out of every print job.

To print in the computer labs across the SJPP campus, students are required to purchase pre-paid printing cards from the cashier in the admin area. These cards are available in dominations of $2, $5, and $10 dollars. A $2:00 dollar card enables students to print eight black & white single sided copies or 5 single sided color copies.

The following examples demonstrate how PaperCut works:

1. Adam is a student at SJPP. He is logged onto the student network and is surfing the Internet. He would like to print out a web page for his school assignment.

2. Adam has a printing credit budget of $1.00 for the semester. He can see that he has a current account balance of $0.75 in the PaperCut Client Tool window.

(Adam has already been printing this semester).


3. Adam prints the web page.One (1) page come out of the printer.

4. Black & White single-sided prints cost $0.25. Adam’s 1-page document costs $0.25.

5. Adam’s account balance is now at $0.50. He may continue to print until his account is out of funds; at which time Adam may purchase a Pre-Paid Print Card from the cashier or the Distance & Continuing Education office.

For additional information please visit the IT Department for assistance.

Print Charges
Black & White single $0.25
Black & White duplex 2nd page $0.40
Color $0.45
Color duplex 2nd page $0.80

For Details on redeeming or uploading cards click here.