Available Full Time Programmes for the Academic Year 2017-2018


AGRICULTURECertificate in Animal Husbandry2 semesters$325.00
AGRICULTURECertificate in Crop Husbandry2 semesters$325.00
AGRICULTURECertificate in Horticulture & Landscape Maintenance2 semesters$265.00
AGRICULTURECertificate in Agriculture 12 semesters$365.00
AUTOMOTIVE & WELDINGCertificate in Maritime Operations2 semesters$325.00
AUTOMOTIVE & WELDINGCertificate in Small Engine Repairs2 semesters$325.00
AUTOMOTIVE & WELDINGCertificate in Vehicle Body Repairs 12 semesters$400.00
AUTOMOTIVE & WELDING*Diploma in Marine Diesel Engineering4 semesters$365.00
AUTOMOTIVE & WELDINGCertificate in Motor Vehicle Engineering Technology 12 semesters$400.00
AUTOMOTIVE & WELDINGCertificate in Welding Engineering 12 semesters$365.00
BUILDINGCertificate in Painting & Decorating2 semesters$325.00
BUILDINGCertificate in Cabinet & Furniture Making 12 semesters$365.00
BUILDINGCertificate in Carpentry & Joinery 12 semesters$400.00
BUILDINGCertificate in Masonry 12 semesters$365.00
BUILDINGCertificate in Plumbing 12 semesters$365.00
BUSINESS STUDIESCertificate in Accounts Technology2 semesters$325.00
BUSINESS STUDIESCertificate in Office Administration2 semesters$325.00
BUSINESS STUDIES*Diploma in Accounts Technology2 semesters$400.00
BUSINESS STUDIES* Diploma in Office Administration2 semesters$400.00
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING*Certificate in Computer Maintenance and Repair2 semesters$335.00
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERINGCertificate in Electrical Installation Wiring2 semesters$400.00
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERINGCertificate in Electronics Servicing Technology 12 semesters$365.00
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERINGCertificate in Electrical Installation 12 semesters$400.00
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERINGDiploma in Microcomputer Technology4 semesters$400.00
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERINGDiploma in Network Technologies4 semesters$365.00
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERINGCertificate in Refrigeration & Air-conditioning 12 semesters$400.00
HUMAN ECOLOGY* Certificate in Catering2 semesters$300.00
HUMAN ECOLOGYCertificate in Esthetics2 semesters$400.00
HUMAN ECOLOGYCertificate in Garment Technology 12 semesters$275.00
HUMAN ECOLOGYCertificate in Nursing Auxiliary Studies (Begins Jan 2018)2 semesters$300.00
HUMAN ECOLOGYDiploma in Cosmetology4 semesters$400.00
HUMAN ECOLOGYDiploma in Home Economics4 semesters$400.00
MECHANICAL ENGINEERINGCertificate in Graphic Design and Print Technology 12 semesters$325.00
MECHANICAL ENGINEERINGCertificate in Mechanical Maintenance 12 semesters$365.00



HUMAN ECOLOGYTextile and Material Design Level 3 (NVQ) (Begins Aug 2017)1 semester** TBA
HUMAN ECOLOGYApparel Manufacturing Technology Level 3 (NVQ) (Begins Jan 2018)1 semester** TBA



*Prerequisites required

  • 1 semester is equivalent to 4 months
  • 2 semesters are equivalent to 1 year
  • 4 semesters are equivalent to 2 years

**TBA – To be Announced