Philosophy and Goals


The Samuel Jackman Prescod Institute of Technology is a technical/Vocational Institution whose mission is to meet the needs of its students through the provision of rich and diversified curricula which emphasize career education and training.

The primary purpose of the institution is to provide an atmosphere where individuals are stimulated to further their intellectual, social and personal development in order that they may become productive and effective citizens.

To this end, the Samuel Jackman Prescod Institute of Technology strives to provide its students with an applied theoretical base in communication arts, relevant sciences, technical/vocational and business education upon which they may build (or change) careers, pursue further educational goals, and contribute as citizens and workers to the social and economic life of their country.

The Institution is committed to maintaining a flexible curriculum which can respond to social changes as well as developments in business, industry and other professions.

It is committed also, to providing an environment which recognizes and emphasizes the responsibilities of the teacher and learner as joint participants in the educational process.


In keeping with its philosophy the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic provides a climate whereby students may:-

  1.  broaden their interests, develop their capabilities and achieve realistic and worthwhile goals;
  2.  develop creative disciplined thinking.
  3.  develop the ability to communicate effectively.
  4.  receive guidance in choosing a career and prepare themselves for the chosen vocation.
  5. develop trade skills and occupational competencies which will enable them to fulfill their roles as    responsible citizens.
  6. satisfy the requirements of the labour market for skilled operatives, craftsmen and technicians.
  7. acquire an appreciation for the importance of distance & continuing education in a changing community.
  8. acquire an understanding of, and an appreciation for their rights and obligations as citizens in a democratic society.
  9. cultivate a healthy respect for themselves as responsible individuals, respect for their society, and their environment in general, and for law and order in particular.
  10. become conscious of the need for moral, intellectual and physical development.