Distance & Continuing Education Courses and Programmes 2017 – 2018

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DivisionCourse NameCostDay(s)Type
AgricultureLandscape Gardening$600.00Sat.Face to Face
BuildingComputer Aided Drafting 1$360.00Tues.Face to Face
Building*3D Auto CAD Drawings (Solid Modeling) 1$455.00Sat.Face to Face
BuildingPlumbing for Home Owners$410.00Thurs.Face to Face
Business StudiesApplied Small Business Management$650.00Mon. & Wed.Face to Face
Business StudiesSupervisory Management$530.00Mon. & Wed.Face to Face
Electrical EngineeringComputer Repairs and Servicing Technology 1$460.00Tues.Face to Face
Electrical EngineeringCooking Appliances Repairs and Maintenance Services$650.00Sat.Face to Face
Electrical EngineeringPhoto-voltaic Installation 1$460.00Sat.Face to Face
Electrical Engineering**Photo-voltaic electrical Installation$460.00Sat.Face to Face
Electrical EngineeringSound Technology for Events$585.00Sat.Face to Face
Human EcologyCare of the Older AdultTBDTBDFace to Face
Human EcologyCookery$500.00Sat.Face to Face
Human EcologyDressmaking 1$570.00Mon. & Wed.Face to Face
Human EcologyEvents Management$425.00Tues. & Thurs.Face to Face
Human EcologyWigs and Hair ExtentionsTBDTDBFace to Face
Mechanical EngineeringAnimation 1$610.00Thurs.Face to Face
Business StudiesApplied Small Business Management$380.00Mon. & Wed.Online
Business StudiesSupervisory Management$375.00Tues. & Thurs.Online
Electrical EngineeringCooking Appliances Repairs and Maintenance Services$865.00Sat.Online
Electrical EngineeringSound Technology for Events$545.00Sat.Online
Electrical EngineeringSound Technology for Events$545.00Sat.Paper Based


* 3D Auto CAD Drawings (Solid Modeling) 1A working knowledge of AutoCAD's two-dimensional environment Or Computer Aided Drafting 1
** Photo-voltaic electrical InstallationMust be a Certified Electrician or the holder of a SJPI (SJPP) Certificate in Photo-voltaic Installation 1