Timetables for Student Courses

Summer School Semester 1, June 2016

May 30th to June 3rd9:00 amBusiness Education/Small Business ManagementCommercial Block
May 30th to June 3rd1:00 pmCommunication SkillsCommercial Block
June 6th to June 10th9:00 amHealth & SafetyCommercial Block
June 6th to June 10th1:00 pmCommunication SkillsCommercial Block
June 13th to June 17th9:00 amMathematicsCommercial Block
June 13th to June 17th1:00 pmTechnical DrawingHE 26
June 20th to June 24th9:00 amMathematicsCommercial Block
June 20th to June 24th1:00 pmTechnical DrawingHE 26

Summer School Semester 2, July 2016

July 4th to July 9th9:00 amCommunication SkillsC05/C06
July 4th to July 9th1:00 pmBusiness Education / Small Business ManagmentC05/C06
July 11th to July 15th9:00 amCommunication SkillsC05/C06
July 11th to July 15th1:00 pmMathematics / Small Business ManagementC05/C06`
July 18th to July 22nd9:00 amMathematicsHE26
July 18th to July 22nd1:00 pmTechnical DrawingC05/C06
July 25th to July 29th9:00 amHealth Safety & WelfareC05/C06
July 25th to July 29th1:00 pmTechnical DrawingHE26