Distance and Continuing Education Courses 2016

Distance and Continuing Education Courses 2016


DivisionCourse NameDurationFace-to-Face CostEvening(s) or Saturday
AUTOMOTIVE & WELDINGMotor Vehicle Engineering Technology Theory and Practice 13 Semesters$1,525.00 Tuesday & Thursday
BUILDING*3D Auto CAD Drawings (Solid Modeling) 11 Semester$455.00Saturday
BUILDINGBuilding Maintenance 13 Semesters$4,185.00 Monday, Wednesday & Thursday
BUILDINGPlumbing for Home Owners1 Semester$410.00Thursday
BUILDINGRegional Code of Practice for the Construction of Houses1 Semester$450.00Saturday
BUSINESS STUDIESApplied Small Business Management1 Semester$650.00Monday & Wednesday
BUSINESS STUDIESBusiness Law 11 Semester$420.00Wednesday
BUSINESS STUDIESSupervisory Management1 Semester$530.00Tuesday & Thursday
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERINGAir-Conditioning for Automotive Technicians1 Semester$460.00Saturday
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING*Applied Electronics for Technicians2 Semesters$1,840.00 Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERINGComputer Skills for Mature Beginners1 Semester$320.00Tuesday
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERINGCooking Appliances Repairs and Maintenance Services1 Semester$650.00Saturday
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERINGElectrical Wiring2 Semesters$3,175.00 Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERINGMonitor Repairs1 Semesters$1,210.00 Thursday & Saturday
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING*Photovoltaic Installation 11 Semester$460.00Saturday
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERINGRefrigeration and Air-Conditioning2 Semesters$2,430.00 Tuesday, Wednesday& Thursday
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERINGSound Technology for Events1 Semester$585.00Saturday
GENERAL STUDIESCommunication Skills1 Semester$320.00Wednesday
GENERAL STUDIESCustomer Service1 Semester$320.00Monday
GENERAL STUDIESMathematics for Beginners1 Semester$330.00Monday
GENERAL STUDIESOccupational Health, Safety and Welfare for Safety Officers2 Semesters$830.00Monday
GENERAL STUDIESCXC Principles of Accounts2 Semesters$430.00Monday
GENERAL STUDIESCXC Electronic Document Preparation & Management (EDPM)2 Semesters$430.00Wednesday
GENERAL STUDIESCXC English Language2 Semesters$430.00Monday
GENERAL STUDIESCXC Information Technology2 Semesters$430.00Thursday
GENERAL STUDIESCXC Mathematics2 Semesters$430.00Tuesday
HUMAN ECOLOGYBarbering Services 12 Semesters$1,035.00 Saturday
HUMAN ECOLOGYBeauty Therapy2 Semesters$785.00Monday
HUMAN ECOLOGYChild Care and Nursery Management2 Semesters$610.00Tuesday or Wednesday
HUMAN ECOLOGYDressmaking 11 Semester$570.00Tuesday & Thursday
HUMAN ECOLOGYEvents Management1 Semester$425.00Tuesday & Thursday
HUMAN ECOLOGYFirst Aid1 Semester$260.00Wednesday
HUMAN ECOLOGYNursing Auxiliary Studies3 Semesters$3,560.00 Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
HUMAN ECOLOGYTextile Product Design 12 Semesters$1,385.00 Saturday
MECHANICAL ENGINEERINGMechanical Engineering2 Semesters$4,230.00 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday
MECHANICAL ENGINEERINGAnimation 11 Semester$610.00Thursday

*Prerequisites required

3D AutoCAD Drawings (Solid Modeling) 1 – A working knowledge of AutoCAD’s two-dimensional environment
Applied Electronics for Technicians – Applicants must have Basic Electronics or must be a practicing technician.
Photovoltaic Installation 1 – Working in the Photovoltaic Industry for at least one year or Certificate or Diploma in Electrical Installation or its equivalent
Textile Product Design 1 – Basic formal foundation education in Design

Undersubscribed courses will be cancelled.

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